New Mobility - Global 2018
19-20 June 2018 | Liverpool

Collaboration is vital to develop and support the shift towards future mobility

Fantastic Networking

The New Mobility Global Conference and the International Business Festival brought together top-tier executives from around the world, enabling unparalleled networking opportunities to create new business relationships.

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Industry Experts

The global event hosted top-level panelists and keynote speakers from different continents around the world who will share their insights into the world of future mobility and what needs to be done to achieve success.

Meet the Speakers

Pioneering future transportation

The event opened with an introduction by Alex Kreetzer, Editor of New Mobility, who welcomed attendees with a speech that highlighted topics that would be covered throughout the day and what would be taken away from New Mobility Global 2018.

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New Mobility Global 2018 is a host event at the International Business Festival held in Liverpool, UK.

Automotive, transport and IT leaders from around the world will gather to discuss the challenges that will be faced on the journey towards future mobility and share innovative strategies that will help the industry reach its goals. The global conference will be structured around four major themes of mobility: Autonomous, Connected Car, E-Mobility, Future Transportation and Smart Infrastructure, as panelists and keynote speakers address the mega trends and hot topics.

The conference welcomes a range of attendees from around the world and different corners of the mobility industry, allowing them to attain further knowledge in global trends and forecasts, what needs to be done to combat cyber security, how we can build infrastructure to support this shift and how we can create a safer and more efficient future.

In the final session, mobility 'visionaries' will regroup on stage to explore the topics discussed throughout the day and analyse the solutions that could help the industry achieve success.