New Mobility - Global 2018

19 June 2018 | Liverpool

Collaboration is vital to develop and support the shift towards future mobility

New Mobility Global 2018 is a host event at the International Business Festival held in Liverpool, UK. 

Automotive, transport and IT leaders from around the world will gather to discuss the challenges that will be faced on the journey towards future mobility and share innovative strategies that will help the industry reach its goals. The global conference will be structured around four major themes of mobility: Autonomous, Connected Car, E-Mobility, Future Transportation and Smart Infrastructure, as panelists and keynote speakers address the mega trends and hot topics.

The conference welcomes a range of attendees from around the world and different corners of the mobility industry, allowing them to attain further knowledge in global trends and forecasts, what needs to be done to combat cyber security, how we can build infrastructure to support this shift and how we can create a safer and more efficient future. 

In the final session, mobility 'visionaries' will regroup on stage to explore the topics discussed throughout the day and analyse the solutions that could help the industry achieve success. 

Fantastic Networking

The New Mobility Global Conference and the International Business Festival brings together top-tier executives from around the world, enabling unparalleled networking opportunities to create new business relationships. 

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Industry Experts

The global event will host top-level panelists and keynote speakers from different continents around the world who will share their insights into the world of future mobility and what needs to be done to achieve success.

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Let's Talk

To allow further interaction, New Mobility Global 2018 allows attendees the opportunity to interact with keynote speakers and panelists during and after each panel. Each unique session is concluded with a final Q&A to provide additional information to attendees. 

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Great Panel, Amazing speakers, fantastic how you got all these guys, I mean they’re the future of mobility right now and one of the drivers of the entire industry, these are all very significant speakers, absolutely excellent! I like the way this family is building in the logistics industry, that’s really going well and I like the fact that it offers a fresh perspective, but also a certain amount of scepticism because that clearly shows where the inside people are in their thinking, compared to the outsiders, visionaries and analysts, it is for certain very interesting for the industry.

Christoph Stürmer

Global Lead Analyst, PwC Autofacts

In particular Lukas Neckermann did an awesome job on his 'new vs. old automotive industry' session and opened a new perspective on things in the agenda of the day. It was an interesting panel discussion from the various angles on the automotive future. I general, it was a very comprehensive agenda. You brought together a wide spectrum of experts from various fields which I think is unique in terms of covering a broad range of expertise in a room. All with a certain core element which you are focusing on, but you are also broadening the spectrum to other areas as well - all in all a good job.

Dr. Bernd Schmaul

CMO, Moovel Group GmbH

It was a very interesting event as it covered a lot of different topics and perspectives on mobility and logistics and I think everybody got some new insights today.

Bernd Datler

Managing Director, ASFINAG Maut Services GmbH

I can fully second Bernd (Datler), for me it was some nice perspectives from new angles, or angles that are not regularly discussed.

Martin Russ

Managing Director, AustriaTech GmbH

I found the event very interesting, very good quality of attendance. I got many, many questions during and after the event which were really to the point. I think the panels were well selected and well balanced and the content was well measured.

Gilles Normand

Senior Vice President Electric Vehicle Business, Renault Group